10 Cafes at Tai Seng – Hip Cafes Beneath The Industrial Estates

My friends had a surprise when I suggested TAI SENG for our weekend café hopping sessions. “Isn’t this the birds-don’t-lay-eggs place?” Hmmmm. Many still have the impression that Tai Seng ...

Lepark – Mod Sin Tapas Bar At People’s Park Complex Rooftop

“Isn’t this where they filmed that new version of Home?” The rooftop of People’s Park Complex has become quite happening, where events like Getai Electronica are held, and model hopefuls ...

Karafuru Desserts – Japanese Inspired Eclairs and Yogurt Parfaits

Karafuru, it is the katakana for ‘colourful’. You will be welcomed by clean white interior instead when you step into this Japanese inspired café. The colourful elements lie in the ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

Ichiran Ramen – Long Queues At Both Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui

[Hong Kong] Can I say I am once envious of my Hong ...

Kau Kee 九記牛腩 – The Hong Kong Beef Brisket Noodles Institution

[Hong Kong] The 90 plus year old Kau Kee at Gough Street ...

Sinmei Tea 川善茶居 – Matcha Craze Continues In Hong Kong

[Hong Kong] Matcha madness continues to rain on Hong Kong, as instagram ...

Aqua S – The Dreamy Blue Soft Serve Made For Instagram

[Sydney, Australia] This is the soft serve created for Instagram. Aqua blue ...

21 Best Supper Places In Sydney For Late Night Dining

[Sydney, Australia] There was a time in Sydney when shopping malls close ...

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory – Affordable Tasty Thai Supper In Sydney

[Sydney, Australia] The very first thing you would notice about Yok Yor ...

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Waan Waan – Coconut Ice Cream Stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre

”Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want !” (Excuse us.). Foon’s Thai Recipe selling wanton noodles at Old Airport Road Food Centre seemed to be doing well enough, branching out with their latest venture Waan Waan, offering the current trendy coconut ice cream. These coconut ice cream in husk is […]

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Pool Grill Restaurant – Romantic Dining By The Poolside

The first time I been to Pool Grill at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, I fondly remembered two things: The tableside Caesar Salad, and the fact that we dined in a restaurant right next to the pool. When I returned again, the area at Level 5 has a more inviting look, refurnished with terrace rooms, […]

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Qoolco – So Cool! Cooling Coconut Dessert and Water At China Square

The Thai Coconut Ice Cream, most commonly found at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market, has become a food trend of sorts in Singapore. Think about Pong Gelato at Orchard Scape and Wimi Ice Cream Clementi which reached our shores this year. We share the same hot summer weather. Plus our Thai friends (and Singaporeans with close […]

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Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh – Ex-Prisoners Turned Cooks. Claypot BKT Shop Opens At 6th Ave

Behind this bowl of Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh is the inspiring story of Jabez Tan, who once spent 12 years in jail. On the walls of the shop were the words “Hard-core criminal turned entrepreneur” and “Break free”. This is one owner who is not afraid to share his past, hoping to encourage more […]

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Cook & Brew – Gastro Bar At The Westin Singapore. Expect The Unexpected

There is something about dining at Cook & Brew on Level 33 of The Westin Singapore. The view of the CBD and Marina Bay district is so stunning, and you would appreciate the charming Singapore from yet another view. The food offered at Cook & Brew is not quite the expected as well, with a […]

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Supermilk – Artisan Ice Cream Café At Tai Seng

The Commerze at Tai Seng is like quite happening. So many cafes in a single row – 23 Jumpin, Carol Mel, The Oven Café Bistro, Grasso Coffee, and Supermilk. Add a Korean vegetarian restaurant The Boneless Kitchen. The location is hard to find, doors tinted-black and are all shut closed. CANNOT SEE INSIDE. The more […]

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The Taste Of Fengshan Is Really Heavenly! #reasonstoeat

The first instagram photo of Worker’s Party chairperson Sylvia Lim tucking away at Orh Luak (Oyster Omelette) earned her some space on the papers, speculations and remarks all over. An (innocent) photo that launched a thousand ships. So many MPs posted photos of hawker food, but also never end up in the papers. Must be […]

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Garçons – Affordable European Fare In A Foodcourt

There is a Chinese saying, “Hang hang chu zhuang yuan”, which literally means there is a scholar in every line of work. Immanuel’s story is one which can inspire, the former sous chef of the now-defunct Keystone Restaurant, and went on to open Immanuel French Kitchen at Salut Coffeeshop, By The Fire at East Coast, […]

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Park Bench Deli – Sandwiches Need Not Be Boring Again

There will come a time when you get bored of the usual subs and sandwiches. I have friend who eat the same old same old sandwiches, complains about how bland they are, and continues chomping them down behind the cubicle. Unfortunately, we are no where near the CBD. Park Bench Deli will bring some excitement. […]

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Lokkee – Burning Pineapple? TungLok’s New Chinese Restaurant Sells Modern Fun Dishes

A flaming pineapple, Chow Mein, Chop Suey, bottles of Sriracha sauce and English pop songs, these are some of the things you can expect at TungLok Group’s Lok Kee at Plaza Singapura. This is not the typical Chinese restaurant. It reminded me of Chinese restaurants in cities of New York and London. Black coloured tables, […]

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